Hugms: Hugs Over SMS

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Hugms, by Mark Argo (of .dot .dot .dot fame), is definitely in the running for the most bizarre Bluetooth-enabled device I've seen. The squeezable, torpedo-shaped hugging unit communicates with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to convert the power of your hug into a respective text message. I truly kid you not:

for example, a long squeeze would look like
while a short and hard squeeze would look like

The hugms also uses light and color to indicate if you've been hugged and what sort of hug it was. If you're interested in the hugms for your surely speechless beau, the project page even includes a video of the hugms in action, but, as a thesis project, it's unlikely to be available to the public anytime soon.

hugms Project Page [Mobjects via GNR8new/s]

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