Hulu Plus for $5 a Month Sounds a Lot More Reasonable

Peter Kafka hears Hulu might cutting the price of Hulu Plus in half to just $5 a month. Smart, given that Hulu Plus isn't yet offering that much more than regular old free Hulu and for $9 a month, Netflix is still a better value (you even get one of those funky silver shiny disc things to go with it). [MediaMemo]


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Hulu Plus for $5/mo and no ads sounds a lot more reasonable to me than just $5/mo. What kind of subscription service still slaps you with ads even after you pay? Bring the price down, cut the crap, and bring it to my 360. Then we can talk. Subscription fees are already bleeding a lot of us dry.

I understand that you can't just get shit for free, but come on, for $10/mo I'd expect more than just watching from my ipad. Watching ads, that is.