Hunger Games names are the hot new baby trend, but not Katniss

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We've been hoping that the extraordinary popularity of The Hunger Games books and movie will mean big things for female heroes. But for some kids, the series' legacy will be far more personal; after all, they've been named after the tributes.

The site Nameberry analyzes naming trends, and this week they released the hottest new name choices of 2012. Analyzing which of the 3 million baby names on the site have been getting increased attention for the first quarter of this year versus the first quarter of last year, Nameberry predicts which names we'll see more of in the coming year. Last year, Twilight inspired legions of new mothers to dub their babies "Jacob" and "Isabella," but this year, Nameberry says two Hunger Games names will surge up the list. Not Katniss and Peeta, but Rue and Cato. Apparently, botanical names are big across the board, and we will see a handful of baby Katnisses, Primroses, and Cloves. But Rue is the big winner here. Hopefully, the folks naming their children Rue aren't the same ones who were shocked to discover the character is black.


Cato seems like the stranger choice, given that he's a sociopathic career tribute, but apparently Roman names are big right now. Will we see more Caesers and Cinnas as well?

One Twilight name is on the hot list: Emmett, as in Emmett Cullen. Aria is also a rising star, and while Nameberry doesn't credit Game of Thrones' Arya Stark, any young Arias I meet will be solemnly told to stick them with the pointy end.


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