Hurricane Disasters To Be Avoided With Bill Gates' Ocean Pumps

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Bill Gates, since leaving the helm of Microsoft, has been busy plowing his money into well-deserved environmental issues such as the artificial clouds project, and ocean pumps which could (almost) halt hurricanes in their tracks.


While Gates didn't come up with the idea (instead, it was Stanford University's Ken Caldeira), the investment is sure to make a huge difference to the project, which could have major benefits to the whole world—not just the hurricane-stricken coastal areas of the US.


The pumps work by cooling the surface temperature of the ocean down, which makes hurricanes less volatile. Rather that stopping hurricanes completely, Caldeira's work should see hurricanes fizzle out sooner, and be less serious than previous titans of Mother Nature's. [SmartPlanet]

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I'm no scientist, but I feel like by stopping hurricanes, we're only asking nature to make even worse hurricanes that we can't stop. It's just like, the cycle of life, duuuude.

But seriously, this does sound really cool. I'm just unsure of the long term effects. I'll put it in the hands of the people educated on the matter and not judge what seems to be generous donation with good intentions.