Rather than plunge money in a couple of girlfriends his daughter's age, Bill Gates' retirement money sure is being put to good use, with his most recent investment being in machines that turn seawater into climate-changing artificial clouds.

His $300,000 will hopefully go a long way in Silver Lining's project, potentially knocking climate change on its head if the machines can actually produce these artificial clouds. The machines work by sucking up seawater in vast quantities (ten tons a second), turning the water into minute particles that are then flown through the air some 3,000 feet high. High enough to increase cloud density, Silver Lining is hoping.


The project will begin with just 10 ships covering 3,800 square miles of sea, and if it's successful Silver Lining will have to start hitting up more tech company founders as it'd take 1,900 ships and a further $7 billion to actually stop climate change for good.

How about that Steve Jobs, Silver Lining? He's worth a few bob, isn't he? [The Times via Inhabitat via Slashdot]

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