Hurricane Relief

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Hurricane Katrina is on everyone's mind, but it didn't seem like anything for Gizmodo to touch, until this letter from a reader arrived in the tips box.

I'm one of the people that lived in the place they used to call New Orleans. My house is gone as is just about everyone else's. We were recently told that we won't be able to retrieve anything from the watery rubble for a week, and even then we won't be able to permanently resettle for at least a month. In the meantime, I've been passing the time by catching up on by blog reading, including gizmodo, but I'm surprised that, unlike 9/11, most blogs don't have prominent links to the Red Cross or other disaster relief agencies. (Unfortunately, I won't be able to buy new electronics any time soon.)


And so Gizmodo adds its voice to the chorus: Give generously to the Red Cross' disaster relief fund. A full list of organizations offering relief can be found through FEMA. Just remember that unless you specifically earmark your contribution to be used only for victims of Katrina it will often go into a general relief fund.

Best wishes to Stephen and all the other Gizmodo readers who were caught in the storm.

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