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Hyatt Admits to Finding Malware on Its Payment Systems

Illustration for article titled Hyatt Admits to Finding Malware on Its Payment Systems

If you’ve stayed at a Hyatt recently, you may want to check your bank statements. The chain has admitted that it’s identified malware on the computers that are used to operate payment processing for its hotels.


An investigations into the attacks is said to be “ongoing.” In a statement issued by Hyatt’s Chuck Floyd, its Global President of Operations, he explained that the chain has “taken steps to strengthen the security of [its] systems, and customers can feel confident using payment cards at Hyatt hotels worldwide.”

Not so confident that you can ignore the issue though. If you’ve stayed at a Hyatt this year, it may pay to check through your card statements and report any suspicious activity to you bank. In the meantime, Hyatt will post updates about the attack to a dedicated customer service page.


It’s not the first hotel to suffer a malware attack, of course—which might be down to the fact that the industry tends to use rather insecure hardware.


Aerial view of Austin Hyatt foyer by Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons license

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They announced this at Christmas which means it’s probably worse than they’re initially reporting. Trying to bury the lede and all.