Hydra: Cheap, Wet MP3 Player

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Are you like some character off The OC, constantly finding yourself punched into pools during posh dinner parties? Maybe you are more into fulfilling the faux spontaneous "threaten to push the girl in, act like you're not going to push her in, push her in, she pulls you in" romantic, aquatic movie scene we all know and love.

In either case, Ultra Products' Hydra MP3 player is water-resistant, meaning that even if your suit gets ruined, your budget tech stays safe. The Hydra supports WAVs, ACTs, WMAs and MP3s, sports a decent-looking LCD and transfers songs via USB drag 'n drop (not certain about iTunes support). And at $39.99 for the 1gb model and $69.99 for 2gb, the Hydra is a cheaper option than most waterproof cases out there. Now we just need an explanation for why our rented tux smells like chlorine.