HydroFILL Squeezes Electricity Out of Your Tap Water

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Fuel cell outfitter Horizon is now offering a personal hydrogen power plant for use with its MiniPAK and HydroSTIK products. Although it isn't cheap, the system will (cleanly!) charge all of your small devices using the same water you drink.


The HydroFILL allows users to generate their own hydrogen and recharge the company's proprietary HydroSTIK miniature hydrogen tanks themselves, rather than having to spring for new ones when expended. Those two components, combined with the HydroPAK charging dock, will allow you to use essentially water to charge a variety of devices and peripherals. No more phone wall chargers, ever!


Still, for the time being this technology won't enter your home cheaply, with the HydroFILL tank priced at $499.99 (plus an optional $649.99 solar panel if you want to go truly off the grid). But each HydroSTIK packs the juice of 1,000 AA batteries, so hardcore chargers should be able to earn that back. Plus, next time someone is over at your place and needs to charge their phone, you can say, "Oh, one sec, let me see if my personal power plant is done generating hydrogen." [Horizon via designboom]

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"each HydroSTIK packs the juice of 1,000 AA batteries"

Says who? The website says it stores 12 Wh. A typical rechargeable NiMH AA battery stores about 3 Wh (1.2V * 2500 mAh). That's a factor of 4, not 1000.

Really, though, this is so ridiculously stupid. You're using electricity to make that hydrogen. It's not like it just comes out of water for free. It would be much more efficient and a hell of a lot cheaper to just charge a back-up battery.