I Can't Believe We Have to Tell You Not to Snort Chocolate

Snorting chocolate to get high lives alongside “Beezing,” butt chugging, and blumpkins as things that everyone talks about but few people take seriously. Despite being around for a while, chocolate snorting has once again resurfaced in the news, thanks to a company called “Legal Lean” selling “Coko Loko,” a product that promises to simultaneously deliver “euphoric energy,” “calm focus,” and a “serotonin rush.”


Listen—we don’t care what you do if you aren’t killing each other. You can snort oatmeal, for all we care. But you should at least know the facts about supplements, like Coko Loko: They don’t really have to do anything.

The only real regulation around supplements is that they need to attempt to treat real issues, and they need to actually contain what they claim to contain on the label (there are some more specifics here).

So what does Coko Loko contain? It’s got raw cacao, gingko bilona, taurine and guarana. Gingko doesn’t seem to have any benefits on based on meta-analyses of scientific research, taurine is a compound already found naturally in meat, and any rush from guarana most likely comes from its caffeine.

Cacao powder itself contains theobromine, a chemical like caffeine, and another chemical called cocoa flavanols which reportedly improved cognitive function in a single study of 90 elderly folks.

Now you know what’s in Coko Loko. This is a stupid fad. If you really want these effects, drink an energy drink..

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Ryan F. Mandelbaum

yes i pronounced gingko wrong