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We may earn a commission from links on this page

I Hate Safari

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Dear Apple,

Please fix Safari so it doesn't lock up and force me to restart over and over again. I would use anything but Safari except that Safari has in-line spell checking. I hate you, Safari. I hate you so much.

More posts after I stop having to restart this bloody computer.

DJ sent me this, but it's only been compiled under Windows. Why! Why!

UPDATE - The aftermath of my madness.

I know my post was blasphemy, but it was a cry in the wilderness. Safari's performance issues are widely known and, because of the nature of my job I'm extremely dependent on a quick browser. This happened mostly after 10.4 and I lived with it, thinking that if it was Apple it had to be good.


As I mentioned above, I need in-line spell checking. It's something that I just must have. I can't use the Google toolbar or Spellbound, as nice as they are. It's just not in my workflow. I could learn, but I encourage you, dear friends, to move your toolbar over to the other side of the window for a few days. Then we'll talk.

It seems to me that after extended use and multiple tab openings and closings, Safari begins to leak. When I start out, Safari is fine. Two or three days later, after hundreds of web pages, it becomes unusable. This is unacceptable, hence my cry from the depths. The "clear cache" trick doesn't work and neither does the reset Safari trick or does fixing permission or any of the other million little applications made to clean up OS X. Listen: this is Apple Safari here. Do I need six little apps—Safari Enhancer, NightWatch, Safari SpeederUpper, Safari Rocks But Is—to make one of the cornerstone apps work correctly? That's just wrong.


I love OS X. Straight up. We're getting married in the fall. But Safari is driving me out of my tree.

Some tips for those in a similar situation:

Try other browsers like OmniWeb and Shiira.
Reset Safari regularly. I don't have that option. I need the tabs in my browser window open constantly.


More cool programs:
SpellCatcher - Inline Spellchecker
Saft - Crash protection