The fastest cruise missile in the world launching underwater

This is the first underwater launch of the BrahMos, the world's fastest cruise missile in operation capable of flying at Mach 3.0. I just like to see it pausing and changing direction in mid-air, like a scene from Robotech. The BrahMos is one of the reasons why aircraft carriers are obsolete.

The Indo-Russian supersonic aircraft carrier killer was tested from an underwater pontoon on the Bay of Bengal on March 20, 2013, but it can be launched from any platform imaginable: Military ships, trucks, aircraft, and submarines. They are now working on a Mach 7 hypersonic BrahMos-II. Tests will start in 2017.


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Aircraft carriers are not obsolete, that statement is the equivalent of saying "oh look a gun, humans are obsolete". This is not the first so called ship killer missile and it won't be the last. It is just another threat that has to be dealt with.