I Love This $1 Graphics App For iPad

I love Poly. This iPad app allows you to draw points on any photograph, turning it into a colorful mosaic of polygons. The effect is really pretty. Sadly, it's optimized for iPad 2 and runs slow on the first iPad.


According to the author, it's "inspired by the Triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. Well, thanks Boris, because this is a lot of fun. [iTunes via mocoloco]

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Looks like a cool app. First time I heard Kraftwerk was 1980-81. It was Numbers and I was playing junior varsity basketball and the song was being played on a boom box in an empty gym in an inner city school. We were warming up for a game. The song sounded so powerful at the time. I had heard nothing like it before then. When the only music playing on the radio is Boston, Journey and the Doobie Brothers, Krafwerk seemed exotic reverberating off those gym walls. The walls and cavernous dimensions of the gym seemed to amplify the bass.