I want to spend a summer in this simple glass, stone and metal home outside of Stockholm. Villa Överby—by John Robert Nilsson Nilsson Arkitektkontor—is a perfect example of my favorite architectural style: the When You Have a Beautiful Landscape, Just Give Me Goddamn Huge Windows style. Very Farnsworthian or Mies van der Roheish or whatever tag you prefer to stick to it, I don't care. I just want to live in it.

From the architect:

Situated on a natural plateau atop a rocky headland, the house enjoys panoramic views across the bay and the evening sun to the west. The Gotland limestone on concrete foundation is crafted like a massive plinth, building walkways along three of the house's façades under the roof's deep overhangs. On the side facing the sea, the limestone-covered foundation opens out into a large terrace with a sunken swimming pool and recessed sitting area providing shelter from the wind. The same limestone-covered foundation forms the connected floor space throughout the house.


Photographs by Ă…ke Eson Lindman, John Robert Nilsson