I-Mate JAQ Reviewed (Verdict: Should Have Stuck With HTC)

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CNET calls I-Mate's latest Motorola Q-like device a dud. Why? Because it's pretty ugly, fairly bukly, has no WiFi, and lacks a camera. It does have some redeeming qualities, however, as the keyboard is spacious and easy to use, and the OS is Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC edition. This means you get a touch screen and Pocket Office, which doesn't come with the Motorola Q's Smartphone Edition.

Other features are MP3/WMA/WMV/MPEG4 playback, quad-band GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth 1.2, and four hours of talk time. If it were up to us, I-Mate would have stuck with HTC and released the HTC Excalibur as the I-Mate Joke (or whatever lousy name they come up with this week). Stay away from this one.


I-mate JAQ [CNET]

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