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Known for its quality PDAs, i-mate is looking to demonstrate that it s still got it with its PDA-N. The GPS-enabled PDA, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to boot, is aimed at people who spend most of their days behind a wheel, making deals and buttering up potential clients. Not only that, but the PDA-N has Skype built in. (Pay for a phone call? Never!) While the unit only has 128MB of memory, its media playback capabilities are fairly robust for a PDA: WAV, MP3, WMA and AMR in the sound department and M-JPEG and WMV video playback. The 2.83 screen boasts a 240x320 resolution and the unit can run on battery power anywhere from five to eight hours, even more when in standby mode. The Windows Mobile Pocket PC Edition-powered PDA is set to debut this April.

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