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I Pity the Fool Who Didn't Know About Mr. T's App Store Contribution

Illustration for article titled I Pity the Fool Who Didnt Know About Mr. Ts App Store Contribution

Apologies in advance, Mr. T, for not reporting on your very first App store contribution sooner. That said, I pity the fool who doesn't download iPity today!


Stop rubbing your eyes. Yes, this is a real app. It went up yesterday and lists for $0.99. What do you get for a dollar, you ask?


Well, if we ignore the fact that you're still here asking questions, and not downloading iPity already, then the app basically recites classic Mr. T lines on demand.

The app is the work of developer E.E. Flobes, and includes more than 30 classic Mr. T sayings. Tap his face for a random one, or head into the menu to select that special saying from the list. Mr. T's mouth even moves as the audio plays.

We have no idea if this is licensed or what, but it probably isn't. What's damning for the Apple approval process is great for you however, especially if you love Mr. T like we do.

And even if it does get removed, there's always this. [App Store via VentureBeat]


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Shooting a monkey is now a hate crime

First rule of American commercialism: If you offer something stupid to sell, stupid people will buy it. It amazes me how people complain how they can't afford quality products cause the price is so high. Maybe if you didn't buy stupid crap like this or the iFart, you could afford the better things in life.