I Pity the Fool Who Doesn't Want to See the New A-Team

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(Gizmodo's bullpen a few minutes ago). Me: The new A-Team. Liam Neeson will be Hannibal. Brian: What the fuck. Backlink to the team limo. Me: That's not for posting.

Brian: Oh, I think it's postable late at night.
Me: Hahaha, you think that's for posting, you fool.
Brian: They always had gadgets, home made.
Me: That's a streeeeeeeetch. But I'm not going to say no.
Brian: I pity the fool who thinks that's not a post.
Sean: Jessica Biel is in that shit too.
Brian: Yeah, just go with it. It'll feel great.
Me: They better make it good.
Brian: They won't. They will ruin our memories. If T drinks poisoned milk, it will be all good.
Me: Our memories of cheesy TV, yes. We can only hope Mr. T gets a cameo.
Wilson: Yeah, they're second only to MacGyver in postable cheesy 80s TV shows.
Adam: How can anyone play Mr. T? I don't understand.
Me: Me neither.
Adam: Seems like an impossible challenge.
Me: That requires serious acting.
Brian: Yeah, BA Baracus wasn't even a character. He was Mr. T.
Me: I don't think DeNiro would be able to pull that off, much less this dude.


That, dear readers of Gizmodo, is how we spend our afternoons. While we drink cocktails. On the beach. Mixed and served by ninja cyborgs.

A-Team, the movie based on Stephen J. Cannell's famed TV series, is being directed by Joe Carnahan. Liam Neeson will be Hannibal (great choice, although George Peppard will be hard to beat), Sharlto Copley as Murdock, Quinton Rampage Jackson as B.A. Baracus, and Bradley Cooper as Face. Let's hope this remake is as good as the new Star Trek.