I Still Can't Believe a Normal Camera Can Resist These Tortures

Apparently, some people love the Pentax DSLRs because they can stand sand storms and heavy rain. I never imagined they could be subjected to this kind of hardcore testing. That's probably why US Army soldier Alex Jansen, now deployed in Afghanistan, loves them.

Watch as he buries his Pentax K-7 and K-5 DSLR cameras—plus their respective lenses—in sand and then showers them. Twice. They just keep working perfectly. Quite impressive for cameras that cost less than $1,000.

I'm used to treat my Canon DSLR with the utmost care, so watching this makes me cringe. I wish all gadgets were this resistant to the environment. [YouTube via DIYPhotography via Petapixel]

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

That's great and all for the price, but for not much more, you can have a 7D which can survive being shot at, frozen in a block of ice, set on fire, rolled down a flight of stairs, and more and STILL rack off 8 18MP RAW frames per second like nothing happened.