i Talk Nano: The "Please Sue Me" Skype Phone

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Some companies kinda want to get sued. Amex Digital must be fully lawyer-loaded with the IT-N501 i Talk Nano. It's a fairly sexy Skype phone that comes in iWhite or iBlack, includes an LCD display, features speakerphone and caller ID, and will still only run you $25.

Seems like a bargain until you remember that the press photos never include the entirely necessary USB cable sticking out the phone's butt. So while Amex Digital claims the phone is "Easy to use like mobile phone," the only way you get a mobile phone is the old fashion way - with about 300 feet worth of cords. We guess it could be a nice Skype introduction for the parents who just got used to their cell phone layout, but we will probably buy it out of pity for the Apple wannabe. We buy a lot of crap.


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