i.TV: What Time is Walking Dead On?

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TV Guide was awesome. It told me what time the A-Team was on. Of course that was about a million years ago. You know, before smart phones. With i.TV finally on Android, I can now find A-Team reruns.

What's it do?

Keep track of what's on TV without having to find the TV Guide channel. Just set the date and time and a grid tells you what's on. More importantly, you can use the app to search for shows and add them to your TiVo's list of shows to record. Netflix integration allows you to find shows and add them to your Instant or DVD queue.


Why do we like it?

Onscreen guides block the TV action. I'm already looking at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook while I'm on the couch, I might as well throw i.TV in the mix. Scheduling shows and adding them to my Netflix queue just makes more sense on my smart phone or Kindle Fire. Integrated Wikipedia and IMDB means I can quickly figure out where I've seen that actor before. Plus, I can catch up on news about shows I watch.



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