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Fantasy Flight Games' X-Wing miniatures game is very cool - so cool that it's still part of my gift guide suggestions 2 years after it came out. But now one fan has made a board fit for playing it on, and it looks awesome.


Ruark Dreher made the board for his X-Wing sessions so he could have something large enough to keep all the game's cards and tokens separately from the miniatures' playing field, and still have enough room for people to gather around and play. Then of course, because a Star Wars fan does not do things simply, Dreher decided to back light a 36" x 36" star field with colour changing LEDs, and then layer a piece of acrylic over it, so it looks like the Rebels and Imperials are doing battle in space:


Not to be out done, Dreher apparently broke his new table in with a 5 hour long, 300 point game, and played the Star Wars soundtracks in the background just to make everything even more Star Wars-ier.

Not gonna lie, the kitchen table I play on looks a lot drearier than it used to now.

[Star Wars via The Escapist]

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