I Want to Run Naked Through This Test of a Foam Fire Suppression System

To ensure the foam fire suppression system actually worked before bringing aircraft into its new helicopter maintenance training facility, safety personnel at the Fort Indiantown Gap Army Reserve base in Pennsylvania performed a full scale test of the emergency equipment. But I can’t understand why no one is running through that hanger like a kid in Willy Wonka’s factory.


The foam is typically used in facilities where there are highly flammable liquids, as it helps to smother mixtures like fuels so that oxygen can’t reach and feed a fire. But in this case there’s no actual fire, so the hanger looks like it’s filled with whipped cream cannons run amok. It’s just too bad the military frowns on having fun.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]


Kaiser Khan

I worked for a newspaper once, and you would not want to run naked or otherwise through a test of the printing press’s fire suppression system. It sounded a brief alarm, sealed the doors, and flooded the entire warehouse-sized area with carbon dioxide; choking out the fire and anything unfortunate enough to be trapped inside.