Since the price of gold is like a bazillion dollars these days, I want to surround myself with as much of it as I can. So that means even fake gold, like this weird ass edible gold paint you spray on food to get flossy, is good with me.

The edible gold spray paint is made by The Deli Garage of Germany and consists of ethyl alcohol, flavors and food additives. That sounds like a lot of crap but the spray paint is completely tasteless and harmless. Think about what you can do with edible gold spray paint. The possibilities! Thanksgiving turkey is obvious, as are any big ticket holiday dinners. But what I really want to do is just add gold to everything. I want to create gold vegetables. Maybe I'd eat 'em more. Gold mayo. Gold sriracha sauce. Gold ice cubes for my gold beer. Hell, I'd spray paint my poop gold.


The Deli Garage made other spray paint colors like silver, red and blue but I could give a hoot about those. I just want my gold. Each can costs about $35 [The Deli Garage via Gizmag]

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