Photo: Massdrop

We’ve covered a few of Massdrop’s unorthodox keyboard upgrades over the years, but none as lovely as this officially-licensed Hasbro Scrabble keyboard that puts every letter of the alphabet at your disposal, instead of just seven you randomly grab at the start of a game.

The custom keys feature the same muted color palette as an official Scrabble board, and if you’re a touch typist who doesn’t need to hunt and peck for letters, the keyboard also includes additional triple/double word/letter score keycaps you can swap in to boost your points. But you’ll have to keep track of your score while banging out emails all by yourself, because the keyboard won’t tally your points automatically.

Photo: Massdrop

Underneath all those novelty keycaps you’ll find an 87-key mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Brown switches for a satisfyingly tactile typing experience—although certainly not a quiet one. The keyboard is available for pre-order starting today for $160, with delivery expected sometime this August, but it’s probably better suited to someone who works from home, by themselves, without any co-workers to annoy with their incessant clickety-clacking.


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