Illustration for article titled I Would Wear an Xbox 360 Dress, So What?

If you're in Japan and trying to decide between the Xbox 360 and PS3, maybe you should take a look at these reading materials first...including an anime girl wearing a desperately revealing Xbox 360 dress.


I'm not judging, but if your dress is inexplicably longer in the back than the front, to the point that 100% of your underwear shows, there's a design error. I can appreciate that the outfit features dual analog sticks, a free HDMI USB cable (extra cord apparently stored in the rectum) and some sort of hyper advanced, fabric-thin 360 prototype in the gut. But literally, there is more fabric covering her knees than her crotch. I'm no prude, but that's just no way to go out in public.

This pamphlet, spotted at Japanese retailer Messe Sanoh and biased down to the cover's color. And if it can't convince you to buy an Xbox 360, Japan, then nothing will. [グランダーブログ via Kotaku]

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