I Wouldn't Mind Being Banged Up In This Police Station So Much

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If you're gonna do the crimes, you gotta do the time. And what better place to be banged up in for 24hours before being shipped out to prison, than this French police station concept?

French architects Negroni Archivision designed this concept with the idea that not only will it act as a police station for the baddies, but also as a safe place for people to make inquiries and do mundane-yet-not-criminal activities such as apply for driving licenses.


A green roof with photovoltaic receivers for converting solar energy into power; triple glazing and all manner of planet-saving acts will be incorporated into the design. Meteorological sensors can detect the change in weather and align the wooden slats for maximum sunlight, with the idea being that at every time of day the building will give its inhabitants the best possible exposure to the elements.

Except the nasty elements. No-one needs rain pelting down on them when they're squeezed into a holding cell. [DesignBoom]