IBM Patents Bionic Armor That Gives Humans Ability To Dodge Bullets

Illustration for article titled IBM Patents Bionic Armor That Gives Humans Ability To Dodge Bullets

Believe it or not, IBM has filed for a patent on tech that heightens our reflexes so that we could, theoretically, dodge bullets like Neo in The Matrix.


This "Bionic Body Armor" would continuously scan the area for incoming projectiles. If one is detected, the system would deliver a shock to the muscles causing a swift, reflexive action away from the bullet.

The present invention relates generally to the protection of an individual against a projectile propelled from a firearm. More particularly, the present invention relates to a body armor system and its method of use that is capable of detecting a projectile propelled from a firearm, computing the trajectory of the projectile, and moving the individual out of the path of the projectile to avoid being hit.


Damn, that might actually work. I mean, think about how fast you move your hand away from a hot stove. Would that kind of movement actually be fast enough to dodge a bullet? [Patent via The Firearm Blog]

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Scenario: A Bullet Aimed at Your Midsection

Assume a body midsection diameter of 20 cm, and also assume a maximum midsection velocity of 45 cm/s.

Time to move midsection out of incoming fire = 20/45 seconds = 0.44 seconds

Bullet velocity = 300 m/s

Bullet travel in 0.44 seconds = 133 m

Therefore, if the incoming bullet is fired within ~100 m of your midsection's position, your midsection likely gets a lead injection despite a swift, reflexive move.