iCam Bypasses Clunky Factory-Installed Camera Interfaces with an iPhone

Illustration for article titled iCam Bypasses Clunky Factory-Installed Camera Interfaces with an iPhone

Zeki Ozek wants to complement your current camera with an iPhone and eliminate SD cards, clunky factory-installed interfaces and whatever else attaching Apple's smartphone to the back of your rig might accomplish.


He proposes we do it with iCam, a camera with a dock in the back that syncs up with an iPhone courtesy the 22 pin connector. The concept won a Red Dot Design Concept award this year, based on what I assume is the design's incredibly broad potential. Strapping a powerful, portable touchscreen computer to the back of a custom-built camera can do that for you. Plus, wireless connectivity. Cannot understimate the convenience of that.

I imagine cameras will be wireless, hyper-connected, uber-customizable devices in the near future anyway, but there's no denying the iPhone's potential in this early, specific case. [Rexplore]


This might not be the BEST solution, but it makes clear how necessary some sort of redesign is. Even the highest quality cameras with the best sensors, amazing lenses...have the absolute SHITTIEST controls and UI. And they're all different and nowhere near intuitive.

Using an iPhone might not be "professional-level" but jesus christ, ANYTHING is better than what we're currently working with to control the technology. Again, I'm acknowledging that camera tech is creating phenominal imagery and allowing for great new advances, but the controls, UI, menus, just about anything to get there is terrible.