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Ice climber impossibly survives a punishing fall from ice wall

Ouch. That has got to hurt. Ice climber Mark R. was climbing up a mountain when he was sent plummeting down by a piece of falling ice that hit him. He then basically avalanches down the mountain side and hits every rock down the way. It's like a scene from Game of Thrones but completely real. And even more insane because Mark R. survived.


DailyDot found Mark R's helmet cam footage and it's just nuts. When he's falling, you don't know which way is up or down or left or right, it's just tumbling pain covered in snow and darkness. Look at it:


Mark R. told the BMC of went through his mind:

"Oh shit," was probably my thought, but the speed at which events took hold meant I knew it was going to go some distance. There was no feeling of panic, more a concerted effort to protect my head and neck and be aware of what was below me, where I was heading and what I could do to slow and stop myself before I got to the more serious rocky outcrops.

Oh shit indeed. Somehow he walked away from this fall with just a bum ankle and a few bruises.

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The second time he picks his head up and rests it back down (after he stops) is when you can really relate. Like shit, I'm just going to lay here for a minute.