iChat Video is Awesome, But Not Always 100% Clean (Video NSFW)

Click to viewWe've been playing with iChat Video chat and screen sharing and it's pretty fantastic—when we can get it to work. So far, it's failed to connect half the time, and the other half of the time it works perfectly. (Keep in mind this is day one, so we'll update as we find out more.) The below shot is an example of when three-way chat fails and gives us tons of video artifacts and no audio whatsoever. However, the video above shows a perfectly fine chat session that has video effects with a video playing in the background. It's also NSFW.

Even though it doesn't have the R2-D2 effect, the ones left (especially the roller coaster one) is awesome. You can also use your own movies for stupid juvenile videos like the one above. It made us laugh.

Screen sharing also works most of the time, allowing us to remotely control the other person's desktop. When you can connect, it's beautiful. When it's hung at the connecting stage due to router configuration or some other error, it sucks.

And here's document share. The initiator controls scrolling through the document and you can see video of them on the left. Very sweet for collaboratively going through something (like, for example, a book you're whoring out).


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