Over the last weekend in Los Angeles, Designer Con held host to a group of Lego builders who recreated the art of comic book covers as 3D lego displays, and they look absolutely amazing.

Header image credit: Detective Comics #27 by Polywen

The series, called Comic Bricks (duh), has some brilliant entries in - there's great ones that capture the action scene splashed over the front of the book so well, but my favourites are definitely the ones that go beyond that and fully emulate the cover itself in Lego bricks, right down to the price tag and company logos. Here's a few of the coolest:


The Amazing Spider-Man #700 by Graznador

The Incredible Hulk #59 by MonsterBrick


Captain Marvel #5 Variant Edition by Zachmoe

You can see plenty more covers over at Comic Brick's Flickr Gallery.

[via Brothers Brick]

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