Idiots Try to Sell $33 Arctic Ice Cubes to Other Idiots

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Two Dutch artists think that they can convince you to pay $33 for a tiny ice capsule extracted from a large ice chunk stolen from Greenland. Because you must preserve the melting ice caps in your fridge. Really.

This is what they want:

To sell the pieces to people throughout the country that cherish and preserve it. To let the ice hibernate in the freezer compartment of their refrigerator for better times to come. Come get your relic from the last ice age, come get your piece of history and bring the heated discussion home.


No, we won't pay anything for your stupid piece of ice. I don't care about the symbolism. I don't even care if your intention was to create the ultimate exercise of absurd art. Why? Because it's just dumb. Dumber than sticking your penis in a polar bear ear. In fact, someone in Amsterdam should go to your house, melt all your dumb artic popsicles, and slap your faces for trying to pull this one off, you clowns. [My Polar Ice via The Pop-Up City via Core77]