Idris Elba Is Black Superman in the New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer

The S stands for “Shit me, Idris Elba’s black Superman!”
Image: Universal

Okay, so if you thought the new Fast and Furious spinoff was just gonna sidestep around the fact it turned its villain (played by Idris Elba) into a genetically enhanced superhuman—because that’s just what this franchise can do now, alongside literally anything else it wants—well, here you go: say hello to Black Superman.


The latest trailer for the action Smörgåsbord that is Hobbs & Shaw pretty much spells out the entire, perfectly simple plot of the movie: Shaw’s sister stole a bioweapon from Elba’s supervillain character, and so Hobbs and Shaw have to save the world. Also, there’s a haka, because it’s Dwayne Johnson and are you gonna say no to that guy when he says “hey, can we get a haka in here,” and then I guess there are some cars because they still have to kind of do that to be called a Fast and Furious movie.

It’s ridiculous. It’s incredible. It is more ludicrous action than anyone should know what to do with on a Thursday morning. But as an indication of just how completely batshit wild these movies can get in the future—like, say, this but iiiiiiiiin spaaaaaaaaaaace—I’m on board. Bring forth Black Superman. Also, just cast Idris Elba as Actual Superman in The Suicide Squad while you’re at it, thanks.

Hobbs & Shaw hits theaters August 2.

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I’ve not seen a single fast and furious movie.  And I had no intention to see this.  But now....The Rock, Idris Elba and Statham on screen together is generating a gravity due to combined charisma I may not be able to avoid.  Damn.