If Apple Designed a Flashlight...

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Yes, the world has fallen in love with Apple's clean and sophisticated designs, but is making an Apple flashlight going too far? You bet it is. Still, designer Myoshimasato has developed a concept piece that attempts to illustrate what an iLight would look like if it actually existed. I'll admit, it does look like something Apple would design (or Nintendo for that matter), but the functionality makes what should be a simple device unnecessarily complex, and there is no real software component to speak of. Two qualities not generally associated with Apple products.


For starters, the light is touch sensitive. You can turn the light on and off with a single tap, or increase the brightness by flicking your finger forward. Double-tapping locks the device and the glowing Apple logo indicates battery status. You can even tap on the logo to automatically flash "Help" in Morse code. While that last part is definitely interesting, it may not be all that handy unless you are lost at sea or your neighbor has been stationed on a battleship or something. Would a product like this be useful or useless? Discuss. [Yanko Design]



@jrronimo: sorry to break it to you but i have 3 maglite flashlights and they suck miserably in comparison to my Surefire.

also, i don't understand why people are posting all these apple concepts. take the stupid apple off and you've got an original product. when are people going to learn that they can make money for themselves. believe me, Jobs doesn't need any more money.