If Ikea Made Flat-Packed Shoes Inspired by Space (and Suspension Bridges...)

Would the stereotyped man build these flat-packed United Nude shoes for his laydee, just like he did their Ikea wardrobe? And just like that Ikea wardrobe, would he refuse to follow the instructions, instead relying on know-how, common sense and just a dollop of arrogance to get him by?

I don't know about any of that, but what I do know is that United Nude (a company whose shoes normally resemble mini pieces of architecture anyway) designed these shoes with space in mind. A shoe for zero-gravity conditions? I wonder what Cady Coleman thinks of that.


On sale soon, they'll at least satisfy any suspension-bridges-in-space fetishes you might just be harboring. [Moon-Life via Dexigner via Born Rich]

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