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If LG Designed Phones Like This There'd Be Peace On Earth For All

Illustration for article titled If LG Designed Phones Like This Thered Be Peace On Earth For All

At first glance I thought this phone was called the "fluffer," but thankfully I misread—that instrument looks far too sharp to be involved in any fluffin'. Spied on LG's Flickr, the Flutter could solve all of their problems.


Can you remember the last time you got excited about an LG phone? Apart from the Windows 7 handset, which still hasn't been officially confirmed? An innovative, strange design like the Flutter could solve their problems—or, prove to be their Motorola Aura.


Unfortunately, this creative outpouring didn't come from LG's chief designers—instead, it's a winning design from the "Design The Future" competition held each year since 2008. The details are vague, particularly after being put through the Google Translate rinsing-machine, but it sounds like the winning team received $20,000 for their efforts. I notice they didn't see fit to improve on LG's S-Class UI, mind—or is that the iPhone OS? [LG Flickr - Thanks, Gary!]

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This looks more like a weapon... It's a taser and a boomerang and a knife and a poison dart shooter and a bomb.