If Push Series Succeeds, Maybe Heroes Can Finally Die

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Push, the vastly underrated film about people with special mind powers - and basically everything Heroes should be but isn't - is getting a TV series. This could be the clever real-world superhero series we've been asking for.

Summit announced that screenwriter David Hayter has signed up to pen the pilot.

E1 and Dark Hero Studios, co-owned by Hayter and producing partner Benedict Carver, will jointly produce the series based on the screenplay created by David Bourla for Summit Entertainment. Hayter and Carver will be executive producers, along with E1's Noreen Halpern and John Morayniss...

The television series will be an extension of the film, a science fiction thriller, centered on people with paranormal powers who band together to take down a corrupt government agency.


Granted, David Hayter is the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid and wrote the first two X-Men movies - but I was burned forever by his screenplay for Watchmen, with its neutered ending. That said, the world-building in Push is absolutely worth exploring in an ongoing series. Plus, the powers that the main characters have make them much more capable of having real relationships and real issues, as opposed to watching a shape shifter fight a guy with tattoo powers or whatever nonsense is happening on Heroes this week.

It's a fresh start for superpowers, and we're optimistic. Here's the trailer from the original film:


[via Slashfilm]