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The LA Times says now's the time to buy an HDTV, since you can get one for ridiculously cheap. The HD Guru told us why, and what TVs you can score the craziest deals on.

The reason TVs are really cheap right now, he told us, is that typically, new TVs ship in the middle of summer. This year, however, they're coming out in April and May, so they've got to clear out all their inventory—which they have more of than they expected—faster than usual. Meaning you can get 2008 models at steep discounts, especially as the new TVs get closer to hitting store shelves.


You're also probably gonna find better deals on TVs bigger than 46 inches, because they have the largest overstock right now. HD Guru specifically mentioned a glut of 52-inch TVs, so if you're looking for something in that size, now's a sweet time. Before you go, don't forget to check out our complete guide to buying an HDTV. [LA Times]

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