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It's no secret that we here at Gizmodo love the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. This is why we got excited when we heard about, Turbulence, an interactive, feature-length film designed for touchscreen devices, like tablets or smartphones.

Turbulence, which just won an award at the Berkeley Film Festival, is about three friends who cross paths in NYC after 20 years of not seeing one another. According to Gizmag, as the film progresses, you have the chance to affect its outcome. Specific items or people will glow on the screen when it's possible to choose their next action. If you touch it/them, they'll carry out an action. If you do nothing, they'll make another decision.


The movie runs 83 minutes if you let it play on its own. But when your finger gets involved and starts choosing what happens next in the plot, the film can run anywhere between 1-2 hours. And while it would technically work with devices using a mouse or remote, it's not what director Nitzan Ben Shaul had in mind. No mention was made about widespread release, but hopefully it sees the light of day soon. [Tel Aviv University via Gizmag]