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iFuntastic 2.0 Released: iPhone Ringtones and More

Illustration for article titled iFuntastic 2.0 Released: iPhone Ringtones and More

iFuntastic, the iPhone custom ringtone GUI app, is in version 2.0. They've added the ability to change carrier logos, and reorder the main menu's icons. [iPhonealley, thanks Mike]


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yeah Jaw, I don't see how that's possible, put it in restore mode and hook it up to itunes. The only thing that could go wrong is that the services.plist ended up in the wrong spot(not likely). I have personally used this app, and many written jailbreak tutorials on 4 iphones on 4 different computers. Wierdest thing that happened was the ringtones not showing up becuase I put them in /ringtones instead of /Ringtones.

/smells some one hunting for attention.