iHome's iHL10, iHL20, iHL31 iPod Dock Lamps Are For iPod Dock Haters

iHome just devised a genius iPod dock—a category that's already full up with five times too many models than it really needs—that's not only an iPod dock, but also a lamp. It's an iPod dock lamp, and it's available in three models, one of which is shorter and fatter, another of which comes with a remote. The perfect thing for a desk that's in need of lighting and/or music. At $49.99, it's neither too expensive for a lamp or too expensive for a dock. If we could only get more of the stuff on our desk to converge, we could actually see our desks. [Checkolite via Slippery Brick via dvice]

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i have two ipod versions of these on either side of my bed that i got from lowes.

-i had to take one back immediately because the arm broke so easily. its all plastic where the arm meets the base—so easily can snap—be careful!

-one will not charge my ipod but i'm too lazy to take another one back again (lowes favorite kind of customer)

-the speaker makes the annoying ipod sound when you leave it on all night.

other than that it looks ok and works good for a cheap lamp. But, like everything in lowes and home depot, i'm sure its made in china. I'm boycotting them for the Dalai Lama, which is next to impossible in this country.