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We haven't tried this ourselves, but word is iJailbreak, an iPod touch version of Jailbreak for Intel Macs, has been released for download. At this point it is only reported to work with Intel Macs. We are testing it out on our iPod touch right now, check back for updates. Hit the link to download it yourself, be sure to let us know how you get on! Update with pictures within [iJailbreak]


We can now confirm iJailbreak officially rocks, as does Arix, the 13 year-old prodigy behind the application. Here is how the process works, which we tested using an Intel Macbook Core Duo @ 2.0GHz:

•Download the application using the link above, copy across the disk image to your application folder. Slightly confusing as the disk image and the application itself have the same icon.

•Be sure to move the disk image and not the application on its own to your Mac's Application folder.

•Quit iTunes and run the iJailbreak app with your touch not connected.

•A series of instructions will follow. With your touch disconnected from your Mac surf to the address given.

•Safari will close, taking you back to the home screen.

•Connect your touch to your Mac when prompted and follow the rest of the procedure. The actual "Jailbreaking" took around 7minutes.


•Post connection, there will be three requests to restart your touch. Follow the onscreen commands each time. The steps are self-explanatory, but if you have problems drop them in the comments and we'll ask Arix what the score is.

•Install "Community Sources" for a wealth of different applications.

•Other noteworthy features include a full calendar fix. The calendar is now identical to the iPhone's version. The fix must be installed additionally once you have Installer.app up.


Apparently there have been some problems with some iPods bricking during the process, but we had no problems. A full system restore is easily done, however, from the TouchDev:

To do this, connect your iPod and hold down the SLEEP/WAKE and HOME buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Once it does, release the SLEEP/WAKE button but continue to hold the HOME button in. After a short while, iTunes will notify you that the iPod has entered recovery mode and can now be restored. Accept it, and click Restore.


We would have loved to talk to Arix for a little longer, unfortunately, he hit us with this line; "I have to finish my homework." We know you are all wondering; it was Spanish—damn vocabulary tests!

We would like to say a massive thanks to Arix for taking the time out to chat to us, why not drop him a line and say cheers below. He also told us he made his money to purchase his iPod touch from referrals via his current webhost. If you're looking for a host, click through on his account and get the kid some cash—we want him to have enough dough for all the latest Apple goodies; how else will he getting his hacking game on? [Site5]

Illustration for article titled iJailbreak iPod Touch GUI Tool
Illustration for article titled iJailbreak iPod Touch GUI Tool


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