iLive iPod Boombox: Cheap, Loaded

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This is one hell of a boombox for a decent price. Fire and foremost it has an oh-so-glamorous iPod dock. Also it has a CD player, FM/AM tuner, LCD display and remote control. This boombox also comes ready for wherever you want to take it. It can be powered via AC, batteries or 12V car DC. All of this for only $80 over at the 'Zon. Not too bad given that the small, nicer iPod speaker docks run well over $100.


Product Page [Via I4U]


This unit looks good, but it's not worth the hassle of the features, it has, for one there is no battery backup so if you lose AC power or if you change the batteries not only do you lose the time, alarm settings, but also the presents on the radio.

There was a hussing sound when the AC power is plugged in, bad power supply engineering.

The FM stations where fading when tuned to local atations and the distance stations where being covered up by the local atations.

The Volume control is set at 17/30 everytime you turn on the unit on, no memory for the volume control, I called GPX to talk about this engineering quarks and they told me the unit was designed this way.

What a pile of junk.....