iLuv i720 and i730 Bluetooth/FM Kits Let You Reject Calls and Listen to Your iPod Hands Free

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The Skinny: The i720 is a line-in iPod/iPhone and hands-free Bluetooth remote, with FM transmission and a caller ID display, plus call reject, transfer and other basic phone commands. It's small, black and fairly attractive and seems pretty useful for ardent multi-taskers. The Catch: It's something else taking up valuable pocket space.

The Skinny: Another FM transmitter/hands-free Bluetooth mutant, this kit is for your car, and plugs directly into the iPod's dock port to charge it as well. Call reject, transfer and the usual hands-free Bluetooth commands. It's definitely more useful than standard iPod car kits. The Catch: Kind of ugly. And I'm tired of lower case i's.