IM on iPhone, Become Trillian Astra Tester

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For iPhone owners still bummed out about the lack of messaging capabilities, there may be a glimmer of hope. Cerulean Studios is designing Trillian Astra specifically for iPhone application, and they need testers.


For those who aren't familiar with Trillian, it encompasses the gamut of instant messaging programs, including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC, so you can consider this the Rosetta Stone of IM clients. The screens look fantastic, having all the polish you'd expect in an iPhone app, and the whole experience is guaranteed to operate in real time. If you're interested in running some beta on your Alpha and Omega, hit the link and sign up.

[beta test via trillianblogs]

Thanks Kevin!



"Has anybody tried the webpage"

>> My 16 year-old son is in the process of testing it on his iPhone, he said it was slow last night, but as we get used to the iPhone AND the meebo interface, it should improve.


"I don't get it....why would you want to IM on a phone? You could just as easily text message or call someone."

>> We were on Verizon and so were most of our friends, so texting was all In-network and free. But with our iPhones on AT&T, we have to pay additional for text plans if we exceed 200/month (and we don't want our friends to incur any additional expenses, either). Therefore, if we all have unlimited data plans and can communicate via IM, we save money. We're not loaded, and had the 6-months warning that allowed us to save up to purchase the iPhones, we'd love to keep the monthly bill to a minimum.