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I'm So Glad This Chocolate-Themed Phone Isn't Coming To The US

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you thought that Apple's attempts to make a wild west-inspired skin for the iPhone was horrific, think again. What we have here is Sharp's attempt to woo their Japanese market with, uh, a chocolate-themed phone.


It features a "three-dimensional melting chocolate block" on the rear, along with a special Android skin that makes it look like chocolate is oozing all over the screen. It even launches on Valentine's Day, so plenty of Japanese ladies can bet on receiving one of the limited run of 50,000 as a gift from their (previously) loved one. Please, make it stop. I want to be sick.

Don't worry though: it's not seeing official release in the US. But if you really like chocolate, I'm sure you might be able to lay your hands on one. Weirdo. [Sharp via The Verge]