In a New WandaVision Clip, the Scarlet Witch Is Hitting the Same Wall You Are

Wanda waking up to realize she fell asleep in her clothes from the other night.
Gif: Disney+/Marvel

In addition to excitement about where WandaVision will go next, one of the more common feelings that has been in the air over the past few months is a general state of existential dread and disillusionment that’s been precipitated by millions of people having to quarantine in place to combat the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.


For those still commuting to work, the material realities of having to worry about a deadly airborne virus that’s made inhabiting physical spaces with other people dangerous are obvious and easy to understand. But many who’ve found themselves more or less confined to their homes for months have found similar ways in which being at home has effectively meant living at work.

Aside from a brief mention of Wanda’s Hex being a sort of “self-quarantine,” WandaVision hasn’t really touched on our real-world pandemic woes. But in a new clip from the show’s upcoming episode—dropping tomorrow on Disney+—Ms. Maximoff is channeling an all-too-relatable energy that’s equal parts “I can’t deal with today” and “You’re damn right I slept in the same clothes from last night.

Short as the clip is, everything from its Modern Family sensibilities to the way that reality in the Maximoff household’s glitching out as Wanda tries to rest points to the next episode being yet another significant one because everyone seems quite aware of what happened last week. Just what this awareness will end up meaning for Wanda and her family, though, we won’t know until Friday.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.


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I’m not sure how the MCU can deal with the pandemic. In continuity, it happened during the Blip. It’s 3-4 years in the past from where we are picking up with the stories now. There was no reference to it in Endgame, which would have been kind of a big deal. Almost immediately after 1/2 the universes living things disappear, the earth goes through a pandemic that takes down 3-5% additional of the population and forces a lockdown.

They have to either address it with:

1. What was left of the super-science guys took care of it quickly and it wasn’t a big deal.

2. It spread as it is now, and things were pretty bad. More existential dread on top of seeing 50% of the population dusted.

3. It was worse because the people who could have fixed it blipped out and instead of dread we get full on terror. Lots more people died because they gave up.

I know there is no way they could have anticipated a world wide event like this as they were making the movies, but I don’t see a good, in story way to address the on the ground reality.