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In Russia, Snowblowers Use Mig-15 Jets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I like when secrets are finally revealed, like the crazy Sukhoi Su-35 ejection. And I absolutely love it when the answers are really weird, like with the strange jet truck mystery I posted about on Tuesday.


It'sa snowblower. Or better said, a snow melter. The ones above use Klimov VK-1 engines from Mig-15 planes. The one from Tuesday could have been the engine from a Mig-17. They also use these to melt ice on other planes engines—while waiting on the cold Russian airport runways—and train tracks, as you can see in the gallery (in that case, they used half the plane).

Crazy Ivans. You gotta love those guys. Except when they send their Akula-class nuclear subs to patrol around New York. [Dark Roasted Blend]