In the Nikon S1000pj Future, There Is No Escape From Baby Pictures

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No, this isn't a lost Beyond 2000 segment from 1997—this is a real thing, that is happening. Here's how Nikon expects customers to use their new mutant camera/projector hybrid, the S1000pj.

It'd be irresponsible to try to glean too much from a promotional video like this, where some, but not all, of the images have been simulated but I live dangerously: I'm going to say those images, as you'd expect, look a little washed out, despite most of them projecting at well below the claimed 40-inch max. And where's the video projection? That's the coolest part!

You can sit through the whole video to get a pretty broad spec rundown, and peruse the press release here. Or you can just wait until your Spring 2010 Hammacher Schlemmer catalog comes through the mail slot. This'll be on page 73, in the sidebar, next to the inflatable litterboxes. [Crunchgear]